Bullseye Handbook: Private Investigators And GPS Devices

At Bullseye Investigations, we are often asked if we can place a GPS device on a car. The answer is yes, but a qualified yes, as the consent of the owner of the car is required in order to do so.

If, for example, a parent wants to track their child, they can do so if the car is registered in their name, not the child’s. If the child is the registered owner of the car, a GPS device cannot be used. Similarly, an employer can place a GPS on a company-owned car. Care is needed, however, as in some states (e.g., New York) tracking can only take place during work hours. An employer cannot, however, place a GPS on an employee’s car without their consent.


Bullseye Case Study: The Perilous Potion

One of our clients was presented the opportunity to become the sole U.S. distributor of a new beverage. In return for funding the establishment of a U.S. company to import and market the beverage, the client would receive 50% of the proceeds.

It sounded too good to be true, and it was. Bullseye conducted a business due diligence investigation, and determined that an established food and beverage company in Los Angeles had already secured the U.S. distribution rights to the product from an associate of the person who had approached our client. As a result, a small investment in an investigation saved the client the untold expense and woe of setting up a company and facing a legal challenge from the company in Los Angeles.